Biography - Rich Wolfe

Rich Wolfe is a prolific author who has written fifty-two popular books that have focused on the country’s greatest sports teams and players.   He was a sports marketing consultant to major and minor league teams for three decades and owned minor league hockey and basketball teams.  With his love and encyclopedic knowledge of sports and animated storytelling talent, but with no previous writing experience, he decided to try his hand in writing books about his favorite teams. 

Interesting a publisher, Wolfe’s first book was published in 2000 and then, a second and third book were published by two additional publishers soon after.  Extremely dissatisfied with the marketing of his titles, he decided to try publishing on his own and launched Lone Wolfe Press. Fifty-two titles and over two million sales later, Wolfe is recognized for his unusual and very successful marketing methods.  Eleven of his titles have copyrighted poster/dust jackets that, when removed, open into huge cartoon posters of the subjects.  His books also feature hologram covers and dual titles.  One book did not have any title at all— just a drawing of a famous race car driver’s number.

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His books include top-selling histories of the Chicago Cubs, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Iowa Hawkeyes as well as a best-selling biography of Tim Russert. His latest book, which he co-wrote, Stanley Reeg, Take This Job and Love It,  is available on Amazon.

A native of Lost Nation, Iowa he was the first Davenport Assumption all-state athlete and went on to play basketball and baseball at Notre Dame. Wolfe lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.